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08:15am 12/09/2005
  The maintainer of sylvia_plath has returned to clean up and ban the offending posters.
This means we can go back there. :)
03:02pm 07/09/2005
  moderators: please be ultra-strict about deleting (or screening!) postings here ... i just deleted my membership in sylvia_plath b/c i cannot endure being disgusted by the postings that have appeared there lately ... you should really make this "friends only" ...  
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New Community 
07:50am 06/09/2005
  Hello, this is the new version of sylvia_plath.

If anyone would like to be a maintainer, let me know by responding to this entry (comments are all screened).

ETA: I think we'll be safe for awhile with 3 mods. If we need to add more, I'm sure we'll discover that soon!

Welcome pinkskellington and scenario_1956 as new maintainers.
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